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4 Pool Remodeling Mistakes that are Costing you a Lot of Money.

When we decide to remodel our pool, the first thing we think is how much is going to cost remodeling my pool? Obviously a pool remodeling project is not a snap decision. It involves a huge responsibility because your swimming pool is your most important investment after your house. However, there are common mistakes that might cost you a lot of money

Doing all the pool remodeling on our own

If you consider your pool remodeling a DYS project, keep in mind that any pool job, no matter how simple it may seem, requires the use of a number of tools you’re likely not very familiar with. Not to mention the knowledge about quality materials and the appropriate permits to apply for.

Additionally, take into account that even the most experienced pool contractor can run into problems at times. Renewing a swimming pool is a big responsibility, and mistakes, even something as simple as measuring incorrectly, it could turn out big problems, and money loss!

Something as large-scale and expensive as your swimming pool is really not the thing to exercise your enthusiasm for DIY. Go with the professionals, and you can save yourself a lot of inconvenience.

Price-Only Purchasing

We had already established in previous publications that it is essential to understand that price reflects quality. Don’t get us wrong. Everybody has a budget and wants a good deal. However, if you get a budget much lower than the others you should be doubtful.

If you contacted a few local companies, and you get a budget much lower than the others you should probably be doubtful.

Choosing with the naked eye the cheapest price seems the most logical option, especially when we want to avoid spending more than the minimum required, however, in the long term this may not be a feasible choice.

There are very few things in life worse than going with an excessively low pool construction bid.

Sometimes the deal of a lifetime is too good to be true and you don’t want to realize that after started using your renovated swimming pool. The cheapest price is not always the best way to go.

Now and then you have to pay a bit more for peace of mind. Fly by night contractors may save you money in the short run, but what happens when you have an issue later on and they’re nowhere to be found to correct it? Pay more for a consummate professional who will be around for many years so you can rely on him for seasonal attention.

It’s Imperative to buy high-quality materials when remodeling your swimming pool.

Swimming pools won’t last for very long if they’re made from cheap materials. It’s also not safe for you to make swimming pools from cheap materials in the first place.

Buying high-quality materials and equipment is the best ever money investment. This decision might save you having to buy replacements in a couple of years, or could save you money on your running costs due to increased energy efficiency, for example.

Try to over appraisal your proprietary with a pool renovation

Usually pool owners start a pool remodeling to add value to their homes. However, if you set the value of your home well above the neighborhood, you may not get the return on your expected investment. Otherwise if you live in your forever home, the joy that will give you the remodeling of your swimming pool in a dream oasis also has value.

at Urban Pool Services you will definitely find your ideal partner! We have a group of Architects, Designers, Builders and Technicians highly trained to achieve that each project is completed exceeding expectations

Take everything for granted without getting things in writing.

Above all making any payment in advance, make sure you have everything in writing and signed. A serious and responsible pool contractor makes all its contracts in writing, to avoid any confusion, doubt or lack of communication before starting to make the renovation.

The contracting document must include contact information, estimated start and end date, payment schedule, materials used, guarantees and any promise made by the construct.

Read it all and read it well

On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the construction contract. It is true that some contracts are long and tedious, but you should read it completely. Do not read by reading only, understand each of the concepts very well and ask all the questions you think necessary. Make sure that everything agreed is expressed there in writing because nothing outside the contract can be claimed later.

At Urban Pool Service with our South Florida Pool Construction Service we are committed to making your dreams of a shiny, luxurious new pool in your backyard a reality. Our team of Pool Builders in Florida specializes in building customized pools with affordable prices for you, with the best materials and finishes, taking care of your budget. That´s why more and more customers of ours recommend us as the Best Pool Builders in South Florida. 


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